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The Haute Pursuit

The Haute Pursuit

Article and photo credit to Mane Addicts.


Vanessa-Hong-The-Haute-Pursuit-Blonde-Chic-Fashion-Platinum-Bob The-Haute-Pursuit-beauty Vanessa-Hong-the-Haute-Pursuit

The Haute Pursuit is one of Sarah Braim favourite Blond Colouring masterpeices. Vanessa and I have made her hair a priority to maintain the strength and condition in order for us to achieve the colour we wanted.  Having a proper home care regime that I have recommended Vanessa follow, is a key step in having the healthy hair. Vanessa is very diligent in making sure she is in the salon on a regular basis to keep up with her colour and treatments. She is always a pleasure to have in the salon, I know when she comes in I can look forward to being able to talk with her about not only fashion and life but she really appreciate the care that I spend with her and her hair.


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